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04.15.14 - antica

Wow... got my PM from an exchange with my STP. Thank you for your fast service!!

04.12.14 - auras65

Transaction completed up to 5 minutes!Great,thanks!

04.09.14 - nkujoey

Another exchange request of $98.00 from egopay to Solid trust pay accomplished by in a record time of 5 hours,keep the flag flying!

04.08.14 - Armie rocks$$$$$$$$$$! I got my exchange of $242.00 OKPAY to $241 STP not even 24 hours after I sent transaction. This is awesome...Thanks a lot admin! Keep it up.

03.29.14 - max3030

last many exchange were fast . but after approved huge hour is to be late to exchange . I trust . I do not know why they do late .my egopay to PM waiting for completing earlier like previous time.
best regards.
nahid akter

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About SolidTrustPay

SolidTrustPay was designed so that anyone with an email account can send or receive funds. SolidTrust Pay believes that online business professionals need advanced payment systems and they aim to be the most flexible and user-friendly payment processor online. Your SolidTrustPay account is a secure location where you may deposit your funds until you are ready to spend or withdraw those funds. There is NO minimum balance required and an account is FREE to open. Funds can be added to your account via numerous funding methods and you can withdraw your funds from your account at any time.

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
PO Box 551
Bobcaygeon, Ontario

Physical Address:
47 William Street
Bobcaygeon, ON

Financial Information

SolidTrust Pay - 6717381 Canada Inc.

Special Information

The minimum amount you can withdraw is $15.00 and the minimum amount you may transfer is $2.50. For verified and bank verified members, the daily maximum for withdrawals is $10,000. The maximum daily amount per member via credit/debit card is $5,000 and via direct bank transfer is $10,000. (There is no limit to the amount a member may deposit daily, but there are limits as to the method of deposit). You may also send fund to any merchant accepting SolidTrustPay funds.

You can transfer funds to anyone and make secure online payments to merchants who accept SolidTrust Pay. Sending money to others is FREE and the recipient only pays a small service fee (1.5% plus $0.25) for receiving your money transfer. Increased options and benefits are available to Verified and Bank Verified Solid Trust Pay members. is an approved SolidTrustPay exchanger.