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04.15.14 - antica

Wow... got my PM from an exchange with my STP. Thank you for your fast service!!

04.12.14 - auras65

Transaction completed up to 5 minutes!Great,thanks!

04.09.14 - nkujoey

Another exchange request of $98.00 from egopay to Solid trust pay accomplished by in a record time of 5 hours,keep the flag flying!

04.08.14 - Armie rocks$$$$$$$$$$! I got my exchange of $242.00 OKPAY to $241 STP not even 24 hours after I sent transaction. This is awesome...Thanks a lot admin! Keep it up.

03.29.14 - max3030

last many exchange were fast . but after approved huge hour is to be late to exchange . I trust . I do not know why they do late .my egopay to PM waiting for completing earlier like previous time.
best regards.
nahid akter

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About Liberty Reserve

Liberty Reserve is a 100% irrevocable payment system and digital currency. You can send or receive money to or from anyone in the world.

Liberty Reserve is incorporated under the laws of Costa Rica. Liberty Reserve S.A. headquarters are located in picturesque Escazu county of Costa Rica.

Contact Information

Headquarters Address
Torre Fuentes del Obelisco
2do Piso, Codigo postal 1265
Escazu, Costa Rica, Central America

Mailing address
Liberty Reserve S.A.
1849-4050 Alajuela,
Costa Rica, Central America

Financial Information

Liberty Reserve S.A. Registration number: 3-101-446858
Liberty reserve S.A. Tax Registration number: 40631001754416

Special Information

Get paid, stay paid - unlike credit cards or other payment processors like PayPal or MoneyBookers, all payments are irrevocable. You can even send payments to many users at once using the batch pay option. Eliminate risk & fraud. No more charge backs, defaults, high bank wire fees & bad checks!
Use Liberty Reserve to make your online payments quickly, easily and in real time. Liberty Reserve is secure, easy to use and cost-effective.

Liberty Reserve is protected by an offshore Trust, and is at all times backed 100% by U.S. dollars for LR-USD accounts, and by gold for LR-gold accounts, etc.

Low fees - LibertyReserve offer extremely competitive rates. Internal transfer costs are a maximum $2.99.

In 25th March 2009 Liberty Reserve had almost 4 million accounts opened and 2.2M funded accounts.

To fund and withdraw your LibertyReserve account is it is necessary to use a third-party digital currency exchanger. An e-currency exchanger will exchange fiat currency for electronic currency and/or convert one type of digital currency into another. is an approved Liberty Reserve Exchanger.